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Meditation-Workshop in Zürich 


Whether beginner or advanced, in this Workshop Maria guides you through various meditations.

The main theme on the subjects in this workshop will lie on meditation and empowerment. Where I am still hindering myself to live my full potential? Where am I still inauthentic and hide behind insecurity and old thought and emotional patterns that I need to let go of? Allow yourself to come home and feel more connected to the true you. Become more clear in what you really want and need to step into a happier and healthier you. An exciting event in which meditation connects you back to source. 


A WORKSHOP can be scheduled on individual request:

  • Mini-Workshop 2 hours
  • 1-day includes 6 hours
  • 3-day retreat

Meditation Workshops in Europe (Portugal / Germany / Greece / Switzerland)

Single Meditation Session 

Maria offers single meditation classes for those who want to learn to meditate or deepen their practise.

Online via Skype or Facetime. Meditation class in person in Cascais / Parede / Lisbon- Portugal. 

Please send us an email to mail@maria-boettner.de with your request. We will get back to you within 48 hours.


Mindful Parenting Workshop

Mindful Parenting in Portugal
Mindful Parenting Portugal / Cascais

How can we stay calm and cool, when everything seems to be all over the place? How can we find and contain an inner balance when things just get too much? When we are a working parent for example?

In this workshop you find out how to connect parenthood and mindfulness in one. You experience that it is possible to stay present and loving, even when things seem to be out of control. You receive practical tools and meditations to carry out the learned directly in the everyday life. If the parents are relaxed, their children are mostly so too.

Mindful Parenting for Parents

This single mindful parenting coaching is quite popular with parents. Usually they last one day. Maria will be joining you throughout your day. Starting early in the morning, just before the kid (s) wake up, Maria will be already by your side. Ending when your kid(s) are asleep again at night. She will be assisting and supporting you during your day to day life. If any direct difficulties or stressful moments show up, she will guide you how to stay cool, relaxed and ate ease. When the baby is asleep or the kid (s) are in childscare / school, a more direct exchange (coaching) will be held.  Therefore each mom or dad gets a super specified treatment that serves you and your kid(s) best. Because when a parent is relaxed, the kids are too.

Online via Skype or Facetime. Meditation class in person in Cascais / Parede / Lisbon- Portugal. 

Please contact us for further information. We normally get back to you within 48 hours.

Mindful Meditation for Kids

in Cascais / Parede/ Portugal

This course is especially designed for kids who are highly sensitive. Together we explore the practise of Yoga and mindfulness meditation. It is a playful, fun class, which allows to integrate the powerful and nourishing benefits from Yoga and meditation quite easily.

Please contact us for further information. We normally get back to you within 48 hours.


 Let us play and create something awesome 

Intuitive Coaching:

Give yourself this gift where you allow yourself to see more clearly in which areas of your life you are still holding back. Where you are disconnecting instead of connecting to your full potential. When you feel tired, lack energy and happiness, it is probably because you still hold on to some old belief patterns which actually want to be seen, released and transformed. Experience more freedom, bliss and love in simply allowing yourself to step fully into the new you, that is waiting for you to wake up to who you truly are.

Online via Skype or Facetime. Intuitive Coaching in person in Cascais / Parede / Lisbon- Portugal. 

90 minutes/ please contact us for further information


Energetic Healing 

In this healing session Maria will move into a higher state of consciousness and let the more subtle energies work through her. This sessions are  for those who suffer from any mental, emotional or physical blockages. An energetic healing offers an excellent support beside the typical medical treatment. For example with:

  • migraine
  • back pain
  • allergies
  • traumatas
  • cancer
  • deppression

Important: This treatment does not replace conventional medical or psychological care. It complements these forms of therapy.

Online via Skype or Facetime. Energetic Healing in person in Cascais / Parede / Lisbon- Portugal. 

60 minutes / please contact us for further information.

In balance // 60 minutes

This energetic treatment activates and strengthens the self-healing powers of the body-mind complex. A deep state of relaxation supports  you to bounce back into a much more soothing, natural balance. An energetic treatment is also an excellent addition to a conventional medical or psychological treatment. You always feel very relaxed and at ease after such a session.

In balance treatment only in person in Cascais / Parede / Lisbon- Portugal. 

For single sessions, workshops or lectures: Please, write a mail in mail@duhastpause.com. 

We will come back to you with detailed information within 24 hours.